TANZANIA: Focus more on the formation of seminarians and priests, Bishop Chengula calls

TANZANIA: Focus more on the formation of seminarians and priests, Bishop Chengula calls


The Bishop of Mbeya Diocese Rt. Rev. Evaristo Chengula IMC, has called on the Catholic Church to evaluate Pastoral mission while focusing more on the formation of seminarians, ongoing formation of priests and infrastructure development.

Speaking during a workshop of Priests of the Southern part of Tanzania (UMAWATA) held at Mbeya Diocese, Bishop Chengula said there must be extra care in formation to produce priests who will be well equipped to teach Catholic doctrine, unite the Christians and spread the gospel sighting the digital error as a challenge in today’s formation.

“However, at the seminary we have people brought up in the digital error, which has some moral challenges. Formators must have extra care to form them with love and care so that they be in the line of priesthood character,” he said

Bishop Chengula also challenged the priests to be willing to receive training from their guardians with obedience and humility while having faith and lasting perseverance in prayers adding that, with the few who respond to the call, there is need for them to be introduced to Catholic morals and faith and to adhere to Catholic Doctrines, values, ethics and be ready to evangelize through their day to day life.

“It isn’t the smooth world to allow a young person hear the call of God. So we priests need to help our young people to hear their call,” he said insisting that, they must be taught how to live the Gospel while reading the sign of time. We do not just ordain to have a number of priests who were not well trained or who morally will be an obstacle to our Christians and to the Church.”

Bishop Chengula said that, priests must also promote cooperation among themselves, the lay and bishops adding that, good relationship, love, unity and holiness, bring relief in the mission of evangelization. He further said that according to the life of Jesus Christ, the clergy should recognize how Christ lived with His followers in unity and love reminding them to love one another just as He loved them.

“He gave them new commandment saying, New commandment I give to you: love one another… “(John 13:34). Moreover, Jesus Christ invites those who call His name or His followers, that we all may be united. “… That they may all be one, even as the Father is in me, and I in Him…” (John 17:21).” He said.

Bishop Chengula reminded all parishes and Catholic Institutions to have development plan including pastoral plan, (apostolic timetables) and its implementation, and income flow so that they bring success to the apostolic activities.

“Self reliance is very important so each parish must have initiative of income generating activities so that they survive.”

He said each priest must be able to guide faithful to have excellent infrastructure in the parish including churches, houses, water and other necessities.


Sarah Pelaji, Kiongozi Newspaper TEC

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