MALAWI: Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) Directors plead for help for a Primary School

MALAWI: Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) Directors plead for help for a Primary School


The Pontifical Mission Societies Directors in Malawi have expressed sadness and asked for urgent help from well-wishers for a Primary school in Mangochi to build more structures for both teachers and students for better and quality education.

Speaking after having visited various projects implemented by PMS in Mangochi diocese, during their PMS National Council Meeting, the directors expressed sadness at the dire condition of Namapiri Primary school – which was still in need of the support from the government and other stake holders to improve the situation.  According to Fr. Paul Rappozo, the PMS director for Mangochi, the Society is doing a lot including education projects in the fight against poverty.

The school has one school block which was built by PMS and it is used by standard one and two children while the rest learn in class structures with no desks.  The situation worsens during the rainy season as classes are disrupted until the dry season. The school also has no houses for teachers which leave them with no choice but to stay far from the school, they cannot travel to the school in good time with the rains and this interferes with the school calendar as well.

The Parish Priest of the area, Chiefs, and other community members who gathered at the school said they were trying their best to make the school condition favourable calling for support from people of good will. Rev Fr Mendrick Chimbwanya said the community is worried about the situation and the future of the children considering that there is already high level of illiteracy in the area.

“This school is the only hope to this community as we believe that our children now can have access to education and deal with the high level of illiteracy among them. We appreciate what PMS has done but we continue to ask you and other well-wishers to help us with more school blocks and teachers houses,” Fr. Chimbwanya said.

Responding to the pathetic cry of the people, the PMS National Director, Rev, Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa said, PMS is so concerned with the situation at the school and since the first school block that was constructed was through the help of other children, they will reach out to them again and see if they can rescue fellow children.

“As PMS Malawi, we are so touched by the situation of the school  bearing in mind that there is a high level of illiteracy and early marriages problem among the youths in the area something that needs everybody attention. Seeing a school in this dilapidated condition really breaks our hearts especially this time we are nearing the Missionary day of the Children,” Fr. Mwakhwawa said.

 The Directors also planned a number of activities to be undertaken in preparation for the coming Epiphany Sunday to be celebrated on 7th, January, 2018. Epiphany is the day set aside by the universal church for the celebration of Missionary Children who pray and raise funds for the society of Holy Childhood to help their fellow children in the whole world through the motto “Children helping Children” which is also a way of giving missionary formation to Children.

PMS is a missionary society of the Catholic Church entrusted with the work of evangelization and charitable activities throughout the world. They provide mission awareness and raise funds for the poorest mission churches of the Catholic Church. The society exists through the generosity of Catholics and it plays a crucial role in fighting poverty, diseases, injustice and exploitation in the whole world.

By: Stella Zulu

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