KENYA: Archbishop Odama Appeals to Kenyans to Respect Human life

KENYA: Archbishop Odama Appeals to Kenyans to Respect Human life


Metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Gulu, Uganda, Most Rev. John Odama has appealed to Kenyans to tone down on violence that is currently being witnessed in the country following the repeat presidential elections. He said that human life is very precious, hence should not be destroyed under any circumstances and must be respected at all time.

Speaking during an interview with AMECEA Online News in Nairobi, Archbishop Odama appealed mostly to the young people who tend to be easily carried away by the political euphoria thereby risks being used by politicians to perpetrate acts of violence and unnecessary destruction to calm down and refrain from such acts.

“As a member of East Africa Community and as a member of AMECEA, first of all the process of this election has been in accordance with the constitution of Kenya, the judgement by the Supreme Court was according to the constitution and also the elections and the re-elections processes are prescribed in the Kenyan constitution. The only important thing here that I encourage is that let the people of Kenya not engage in violence towards each other, violence does not solve problems but it increases problems,” he said.

Similarly, he implored the police to restrain from using excessive force towards the people as this could easily lead to loss of life.

“What we desire more is to see what is going to be the conclusion of this last elections, if they have been done according to the constitution, let them be respected. Now to the leaders, let them not incite their followers, incitement would again lead to violence. If the approach to what they call peaceful demonstrations is within the constitution, then it should also be done without hurting, injuring or killing anybody,” Archbishop Odama who is also the chairman of Uganda Episcopal Conference said.

While imploring the Almighty God to lead Kenya to a peaceful conclusion of the process, Archbishop Odama asked Kenyans to look at each other as brothers and sisters of the same nation.


By Pamela Adinda, AMECEA Online News

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