MALAWI: Catholics urged to Support the Evangelization Mission of the Church

MALAWI: Catholics urged to Support the Evangelization Mission of the Church


The chairman of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), Archbishop Thomas Msusa has asked catholic Christians in the country to always promote gospel proclamation through prayer, service and monetary contributions for the transformation of the society.

The Archbishop said this during the Eucharistic celebration which marked the launch of Mission Month, October, at CI in Blantyre on 1st October 2017.  This year’s national Mission Sunday celebrations will be held in the Diocese of Karonga at Mughese St Matthias Mulumba Parish at Misuku in Chitipa.

“In place of the Bishops Conference, let me thank you all for understanding the Pope’s request when he invited us to support the universal mission of the Church through prayer, service and monetary contributions for the spreading of the gospel to the whole world. The world today needs the good news of salvation more than before. It is the responsibility of each baptized and people of good will to support the mission of the Church,” said Archbishop Msusa.

Bishops nakuruHe also said that the contributions made in the Mission Month help the church and all its workers to achieve the mission of proclaiming the gospel to the whole world and therefore there is great need for unity and solidarity to bring salvation to many. That is why the Pope as a leader of the Church and Bishops cannot do the work of spreading the gospel alone, but rather call upon all Christians to play their baptismal role.

“Last year and the past years, Malawi was commended by the Holy Father for giving more than we were asked (MK 25,000,000) despite the economic challenges the country is facing and this made us the bishops proud. I believe this year as we start this Mission Month, all Christians will continue to hear and listen to the call of Pope Francis and contribute more for the good of the universal church,” he said.

Most Rev. Msusa also said that, Christians should realize that the duty of proclaiming Jesus Christ to the whole world is in their hands and therefore, they should take personal actions to help evangelization programs in the church.

“We said yes to serve Jesus Christ when we received the sacrament of baptism, our yes should be seen when we are doing our services in support of the church. Let us therefore be united so that Jesus Christ should be preached to the whole world especially in those areas he is denied. I ask all Christians and all people of good will to do what we promised and be good examples to the citizens of Malawi and the world.” said Archbishop Msusa.

Conquering on the same, the National Director of Pontifical Mission Societies Rev Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa urged Christians to give themselves whole heartedly and pray more for the fulfilment of the church’s mission, encouraging the faithful to take the Mission Month prayers of the Holy Rosary seriously in their families and Small Christian Communities.

“We ask all Christians to pray and give more during this Mission Month. The money collected is sent to Vatican and it is used to support pastoral programs like building of churches, hospitals, schools and priests and Sisters’ houses in the needy countries. Every Christian should participate and promote the Mission of the Universal Church of proclaiming the gospel to the whole world,” said Fr. Mwakhwawa

World Mission Sunday is a special Sunday where Catholic Christians celebrate the feast of Catholicity and universal solidarity. This day and the whole Mission Month encourage Christians to pray, serve and give money for the missionary work of proclaiming the gospel to the world.


By: Stella Zulu

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