MALAWI: Vatican applauds Malawi for its generosity

MALAWI: Vatican applauds Malawi for its generosity


President of the Pontifical Mission Society (PMS) in Rome, Archbishop Protase Rugambwa, on behalf of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, has commended the Catholic Church in Malawi for its generosity in contributing to the Universal Solidarity Fund and its continued spiritual work of evangelization.

Archbishop Protase Rugambwa

Archbishop Protase Rugambwa

In a letter addressed to Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa, Malawi PMS National Director, Archbishop Rugambwa said, the 2017 General Assembly of the Superior Council of PMS was very grateful for Malawi’s financial offering and participation in the different activities and work for promotion of missionary spirit which were carried out in 2016.

Most Rev. Rugambwa, said the scope of the general assembly was to reflect on the identity of and the evangelizing activities and methods of collaboration proper of PMS, in union with and at the service of the universal mission of the Church.

“I am grateful to you personally and to all the National Directors who have duly submitted to our International Secretariats the financial report of the activities carried out and the offerings collected in favour of all the PMS for the year 2016,” said Archbishop Rugambwa.

He said he was particularly thankful for the zeal and commitment manifested by the different activities of missionary animation and formation that have been organized and carried out in the spirit of universality of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Malawi.

Rev. Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa, Malawi PMS National Director

Rev. Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa,
Malawi PMS National Director

“I thank all the Catholic faithful of Malawi for their generosity in contributing to the Universal Solidarity Fund and for their continual support to the work of evangelization,” he said.

According to Fr. Mwakhwawa, Malawi contributed more than 35,400 USD, collected during 2016 Mission Sunday, Holy Childhood and Vocation Sunday, against the 2015 collection of more than 25,460 USD.

Reacting to the gesture, Fr. Mwakhwawa appreciated the catholic lay faithful for contributing generously and making great spiritual and material sacrifices for the salvation of many souls in the world.

 “I also appreciate the Parish Priest who teach people and remind them about the Christian obligation to preach the gospel to the whole world through their prayers and financial sacrifices. It is also a blessing to the people of Malawi through Catholic faithful who are able to change people’s life and build faith communities within and outside Malawi. Through such offerings many people will be saved holistically,” he said.

He said the contribution from the Catholic Church in Malawi is a sign of catholicity and solidarity with the Universal Church in preaching the gospel to the whole world and indeed it is a spiritual and material cooperation with the Holy Father in his duty to support the young and needy churches.

“Moreover, such an offering signifies the maturity levels of our Catholic faith. A Christian, called by Jesus Christ, has to be concerned with salvation in the whole world. So, our Catholics in making such a contribution are demonstrating that they are mature Christians who understand their universal mission. In praying and contributing money to the universal missionary solidarity fund, it means catholic faithful understand their Christian faith which its central business is doing mission work in the whole world,” said Fr. Mwakhwawa.

Fr. Mwakhwawa has since encouraged the Church in Malawi to continue to be generous with their spiritual and financial gifts, regardless of economic challenges faced in the country.


By Prince Henderson, Communications Officer ECM

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