MALAWI: Archbishop Ziyaye challenges Members of Parliament to serve for the common good of the poor

MALAWI: Archbishop Ziyaye challenges Members of Parliament to serve for the common good of the poor


Catholic Members of Parliament have been urged to be agents of change in the governance system of Malawi to make a difference and fight for the common good of the poor whom they represent.

Speaking during a Eucharist celebration which was followed by dinner organized by the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office (CPLO) at the Catholic Secretariat late last month, Lilongwe Archbishop Most Rev. Tarcisius Ziyaye said that in Parliament, MPs are like the Salt and Light and as such, they are supposed to lead by example hence let their work glorify God.

Archbishop Ziyaye said that in order for members of parliament to serve the people well, they need to follow Jesus Christ and the church’s doctrine adding that, devotion to God will help them have a heart to heart chat with God through prayer and be disciplined as Christians.

Archbishop Ziyaye noted that MPs face various challenges while discharging their duties and the only way to overcome such challenges is by putting God first.

“It is widely believed that politics is a dirty game, but it is just a few people who make it dirty. Be courageous enough and do not fear people but respect them, be united and always keep your Christian values.” He said.

He said the country need transformation of both mind and heart to help the MPs and all leaders aim at the common good of the people and not personal gains.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Fr. Henry Chinkanda addressed the MPs on the importance of being informed about the Church’s doctrine in relation to corruption revealing that, the dark spot in the society is corruption that has become a challenge to the Christian Conscience.

He added that, to curb the vice, there is need to mould ones character because it is in the consciousness of an individual that a decision is made.

“This then calls for the need to address the ego behind the act of corruption which can be enhanced by forming sound consciousness guided by the principles that the social teachings of the Catholic Church outlines.” Fr. Chinkanda said

The gathering brought together about 20 Catholic MPs and Reverend Fathers with an aim of   reminding the leaders that as Christians, they should be informed in their faith and work for the good of the poor in the society.


By Stella Zulu

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