MALAWI: Catholic MPs advised to cultivate the Virtue of Charity while serving the people

MALAWI: Catholic MPs advised to cultivate the Virtue of Charity while serving the people


The Catholic Parliamentarians in Malawi have been urged to include the virtue of charity by offering services for others as part and parcel of their roles.

Fr. ChinkandaThe call was made on Thursday 25 by Rev Fr. Henry Chinkanda; the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Officer (CPLO) for ECM during the Eucharistic celebration for the opening of the 47th Parliamentary sessions for this year; a Mass that was held in the parliament building an attended by Catholic MPs and other people of good will.

Celebrated under the theme: A Good Christian Should Meddle Himself/ Herself in Politics, Fr. Chinkanda referred to the words of Pope Francis who once said: “Politics according to the Social Doctrine of the Church is one of the highest forms of charity, because it serves the common good. It is therefore necessary that Catholic Christians should participate in political leadership.”

“Although it is widely said and believed that politics is a dirty game, and therefore most Christians refrain from it, it is important that we should learn from the Saints; who served God through their generous commitment to politics and government,” he said.

Citing the example of Saint Thomas More, who was proclaimed the Patron of Statesmen and Politicians, Fr Chinkanda said, “St Thomas More gave witness by his Martyrdom to the dignity of the human conscience. Through his life and Death, he taught that Man cannot be separated from God, nor Politics from morality.”

“Therefore, as many Catholics and Christians refrain from politics, materialistic governance of the country over the welfare of the general masses emerges. As a country, we cannot witness good governance when the nation’s moral foundations are gone,” he said adding that “It is therefore the duty of a good Catholic Christian and believing politicians to instil into the governance system the moral compass which can be hinged only through our faith in God”. Said the Mass celebrant.”


By Stella Zulu, ECM

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